Bicycle Safety Bill is Approved by California Assembly – San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

It is common to hear about tragic bicycle accidents that happen in San Diego and all over California. Although bicyclists have the right to share the road with every other motor vehicle, drivers oftentimes don’t give them the room and protection necessary.

One California state lawmaker has sponsored a bill that would require passing cars to give bicyclists a 3-foot buffer zone because of this. Law change is put in place in hopes that it will reduce the 3,000 bicycle accidents that occur each year on the California roads.

California Assembly voted to pass the bill 52-19. The state Senate needs to approve this bill before it can go before the governor. The bill’s sponsor stated that it previously passed the Senate in a vote of 27-6.

The bill’s sponsor claims that Californians are choosing to bike for exercise and transportation more and more. The bill is designed to give drivers more incentive to share the road with bicyclists. Drivers would also have permission to pass the double yellow line on roads in order to give bicyclists more room.

A similar bill didn’t pass as it was vetoed by the governor last year. The difference is, that bill required drivers to slow down to 15 mph if they could not provide bicyclists with three feet of passing room. This certain requirement was removed from the new bill.

This bill is made in hopes that it will reduce the number of bicycle accidents in California, which were more than 100 cyclist deaths last year. Brain injuries, back and spinal cord injuries and broken bones are common results of bicycle accidents.